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“PLAY with your food” is three puppet shows telling the stories of Detroit gardens, food justice and nutrition with humor, fact, and fantasy. Designed for families and kids, this 40-minute original piece mixes hilarious and bizarre live performers with sweet and spectacular puppets of all sizes.

Celebrate the universal human experience of eating, within the 21st century context of complicated food politics, access and trends.

Now Booking for 2016!

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Here’s what The James and Grace Lee Boggs School says about PLAY with your food !

“Bravo!!! It was SO entertaining– hilarious, well written, and great for people of ALL ages.

Thank you for bringing it to us.”

–Programming Director

“I cannot stop raving about Play With Your Food.  

My classroom students and I were engaged in this performance from start to finish!   

The props were astonishingly created, the story line was captivating, and the actors were phenomenal.

People of all ages will enjoy this program.”

– Kindergarten teacher

“It was wonderful and the kids loved it!

It was amazing to see them sit still for that long!”

–1st and 2nd grade teacher

“The show was incredible!  I came home and told my family all about it.

What time is it showing on the 22nd?  I hope it is a time we can come again.”

–Kindergarten teacher

“My kids loved it!”

–3rd-4th grade teacher

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* Ask about arts-integrated curriculum and workshops inspired by “PLAY with your food”!

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